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Ultrasonics - Basic Concepts
Ultrasonics - Basic Concepts
1. Ultrasonics - Basic Concepts
In this 30 mins Video Lesson
Basic Concepts, Magnetostriction Oscillator, Piezoelectric Oscillator, Properties of Ultrasonic Waves, Detection of Ultrasonic Waves, Kundt's Tube Method, Piezoelectric Detector, Thermal Detection, and other topics.
Applications of Ultrasonics
Applications of Ultrasonics
2. Applications of Ultrasonics
In this 33 mins Video Lesson
Ultrasonic Drilling, Cavitation Effect and Ultrasonic Cleaning, Ultrasonic Welding, Emulsification, SONAR, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Non Destructive Testing, Pulse Echo Method, Transmission Through Method, Sonography, and other topics.

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Ultrasonics (2.40 Mb)

Ultrasonic Waves and their applications; Methods of production of ultrasonic waves (Piezoelectric Oscillator & Magnetostriction Oscillator)

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