PN Junction & Applications

Video Lessons & Revision Notes

PN Junction - Basic Concepts
PN Junction - Basic Concepts
1. PN Junction - Basic Concepts
In this 45 mins Video Lesson
Diffusion and Drift Current, PN Junction, Equilibrium or Zero Bias Condition, Band Diagram in Equilibrium, Potential Barrier Voltage, and other topics.
PN Junction - Forward and Reverse Biased configuration
PN Junction - Forward and Reverse Biased configuration
2. PN Junction - Forward and Reverse Biased configuration
In this 29 mins Video Lesson
Forward Bias Configuration, Law of Junction, Band Diagram in Forward Bias, Reverse Bias Configuration, Band Diagram in Reverse Bias Configuration, and other topics.
Applications of PN Junction
Applications of PN Junction
3. Applications of PN Junction
In this 24 mins Video Lesson
Light Emitting Diode (LED), Photoconductive Effect, Photoconductor, Photovoltaic Effect, Solar Cell, and other topics.

Revision Notes

Drift and Diffusion of charge carriers across the Energy band structure of P-N Junction leading to formation of depletion region and potential barrier; concept of carrier current densities in p-n junction in equilibrium, forward bias and reverse bias; Uses of p-n junction in Light emitting diode (LED), photoconductors and photovoltaic solar cells.

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