Polarization & Liquid Crystals

Video Lessons & Revision Notes

Photonic Crystals and Polarization
Photonic Crystals and Polarization
1. Photonic Crystals and Polarization
In this 23 mins Video Lesson
Photonic Crystals, Applications of Photonic Crystals, Polarization, Types of Polarization, Plane Polarized Light, Crossed Configuration of Polarizers, and other topics.
Liquid Crystals
Liquid Crystals
2. Liquid Crystals
In this 41 mins Video Lesson
Basic Concepts, Types of Liquid Crystals, Thermotropic Phase, Nematic Phase, Smectic Phase, Cholestric Phase, Liquid Crystal Display, and other topics.

Revision Notes

Photonic crystals; Liquid crystal phases and application in LCD ( with brief introduction of optical polarization)

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