Interpolation and Numerical Integration

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Finite Difference Operators - Part 1
Finite Difference Operators - Part 1
1. Finite Difference Operators - Part 1
In this 51 mins Video Lesson
Interpolation and Extrapolation, Forward Difference Operator, Backward Difference Operator, Central Difference Operator, Averaging Operator, Shift Operator, and other topics.
Finite Difference Operators - Part 2
Finite Difference Operators - Part 2
2. Finite Difference Operators - Part 2
In this 59 mins Video Lesson
Relation between Various finite difference Operators, Typical Problems on Relating one operator to another, Differences for a Polynomial of Degree 'n', Typical Problems based on concept of Polynomial of degree 'n', and other topics.
3. Interpolation
In this 34 mins Video Lesson
Introduction, Newton's Forward Interpolation Formula, Newton's Backward Interpolation Formula, Typical Problems based on Interpolation Formula, and other topics.
Numerical Integration
Numerical Integration
4. Numerical Integration
In this 47 mins Video Lesson
Introduction to Numerical Integration, Newton-Cotes Formula, Trapezium Rule, Simpson's one-third Rule, Simpson's three-eighth Rule, and other topics.

Revision Notes

Interpolation (2.10 Mb)

Numerical integration‐Different type of operators such as shift, forward, backward difference and their relation.

Interpolation, Newton interpolation, Newton‐Cotes formula. Integration by (a) Trapezoidal (b) Simpson’s 1/3rd (c)Simpson’s 3/8th rule

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