Multiple Integrals and their Applications

Video Lessons & Revision Notes

Prerequiste: Coordinate Systems
Prerequiste: Coordinate Systems
1. Prerequiste: Coordinate Systems
In this 24 mins Video Lesson
Cartesian 2D, Polar, Cartesian 3D, Cylindrical, Spherical, and other topics.
Multiple Integrals : Iterated Integrals
Multiple Integrals : Iterated Integrals
2. Multiple Integrals : Iterated Integrals
In this 47 mins Video Lesson
Introduction to Iterated Integrals, Region of Integration, Change of Order of Integration, Important results when region is rectangular, Areas, and other topics.
Multiple Integrals : Double and Triple Integrals
Multiple Integrals : Double and Triple Integrals
3. Multiple Integrals : Double and Triple Integrals
In this 46 mins Video Lesson
Double Integrals, Triple Integrals, Solving a Triple Integral, Change of variables in Double and Triple Integrals, Finding the new Region after change of variables, Areas using Polar Curves, and other topics.
Multiple Integrals : Volumes
Multiple Integrals : Volumes
4. Multiple Integrals : Volumes
In this 59 mins Video Lesson
Volumes using Double Integral, Volumes Using Triple Integral, Typical Problems related to Volumes, Mass of a Solid and a Plane Lamina, and other topics.

Revision Notes

Multiple Integrals‐Double integration‐definition, Evaluation of Double Integrals, Change of order of integration, Evaluation of double integrals by changing the order of integration and changing to polar form

Triple integration –definition and evaluation (Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical polar coordinates).

Application to double integrals to compute Area, Mass, Volume. Application of triple integral to compute volume.

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