Impulse and Momentum

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Impulse and Momentum - Basic Concepts
Impulse and Momentum - Basic Concepts
1. Impulse and Momentum - Basic Concepts
In this 42 mins Video Lesson
Concept of Impulse, Impulse Momentum Principle, Principle of conservation of momentum, Impulsive Force, Ex: Batsman hits a ball, Ex: Using Impulse-Momentum to find distance, Ex: Man jumping off the cart, Basic Concepts in Analysis of Impacts, and other topics.
2. Impacts
In this 43 mins Video Lesson
Analysis of Direct Central Impact, Coefficient of Restitution, Perfectly Plastic Impact, Perfectly Elastic Impact, Analysis of Oblique Central Impact, Ex: Calculating Final Velocities, and other topics.
Impacts and Work-Energy Principle
Impacts and Work-Energy Principle
3. Impacts and Work-Energy Principle
In this 59 mins Video Lesson
Ex: Bullet Hitting a Block, Ex: Pendulums, Ex: Block dropped on to platform supported by spring, and other topics.

Revision Notes

Impulse, Momentum, Direct central Impact and Coefficient of restitution. Conservation of Momentum and Impulse Momentum Principle of a Particle

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