General Force System

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General Force System - Basic Concepts
General Force System - Basic Concepts
1. General Force System - Basic Concepts
In this 70 mins Video Lesson
Concept of a Couple, Resolution of Force into Force-Couple System, Resultant of a general sytem of Forces, Ex: Resultant of Forces acting along the sides of Triangle, and other topics.
Parallel and Distributed Forces
Parallel and Distributed Forces
2. Parallel and Distributed Forces
In this 54 mins Video Lesson
Ex: Parallel Force System in Space, Ex: Coplanar Parallel Force System, Uniformly Distributed Force, Ex: Distributed Forces (Trapezium), Ex: Distributed Force (Parabola), and other topics.

Revision Notes

Couple, Equivalent Force Couple System, Resultant of General force system, Resultant of Parallel Force System. Distributed Forces

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