File Organization and Database Index

Video Lessons & Revision Notes

File Organization
File Organization
1. File Organization
In this 51 mins Video Lesson
Introduction to Files and Blocks, Fixed Length Records, Variable Length Records, Byte Strings, Slotted Page Structure, Reserved Space Representation, List Representation, Organization Of Records, and other topics.
Database Indexing
Database Indexing
2. Database Indexing
In this 50 mins Video Lesson
Index, Quality of an Index, Types of Index, Ordered Index, Primary Index- Def., Secondary Index- Def., Dense Index- Def., Sparse Index- Def., MultiLevel Index, Insertion in an Index, Deletion from an Index, Secondary Index, and other topics.
Database Hashing
Database Hashing
3. Database Hashing
In this 55 mins Video Lesson
Introduction, Hash Function, Hash File Organization, Handling Overflow, Hash Index, Dynamic Hashing, Extendible Hashing, and other topics.

Revision Notes

File Organization, Organization of records in files, Indices, Static and Dynamic Hashing

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