Sequential Logic : Registers And Counters

Video Lessons & Revision Notes

Registers - Part 1
Registers - Part 1
1. Registers - Part 1
In this 47 mins Video Lesson
Registers: Introduction, SISO, SIPO, PISO, Buffer Register / PIPO, Shift Registers: Introduction, Shift Right Register, and other topics.
Registers - Part 2
Registers - Part 2
2. Registers - Part 2
In this 31 mins Video Lesson
Shift Left Register, Serial In Parallel Out Register, Parallel In Serial Out Register, Bidirectional Shift Register, and other topics.
Universal Shift Register and Counters
Universal Shift Register and Counters
3. Universal Shift Register and Counters
In this 48 mins Video Lesson
Universal Shift Register, Ring Counter, Twisted Ring/ Johnson's Counter, Up Counters, and other topics.
Counters (Contd.)
Counters (Contd.)
4. Counters (Contd.)
In this 49 mins Video Lesson
Down Counters, Asynchronous Counters, Up/Down Counter, Mod N Counter Design (Asynchronous), Mod 10 Counter (Asynchronous), and other topics.

Revision Notes

Application of Flip-flops:  registers, counters.

Registers: Buffer register; shift register

Counters: Asynchronous counter. Synchronous counter, ring counters, BCD Counter, Johnson Counter

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