Basic Electrical Prerequisites

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Electrical Circuits Prerequisites
Electrical Circuits Prerequisites
1. Electrical Circuits Prerequisites
In this 61 mins Video Lesson
Electromotive Force (EMF), Active and Passive Elements, Concept of Potential, Potential Difference, Ohm's Law, Resistance, Effect of Temprature on Resistance, Temprature Coefficient of Resistance, Power Dissipated in a Resistor, Series connection of Resistors, Parallel Connection of Resistors, Short Circuits and Open Circuits, and other topics.
2. Capacitors
In this 54 mins Video Lesson
What's a Capacitor, Capacitance for Uniform Dielectric / Air, Capacitance for Composite Dielectric, Current in a Capacitor, Energy Stored in a Capacitor, Charging of Capacitor, Time Constant : Charging, Discharging of Capacitor, Time Constant : Discharging, and other topics.
Faraday`s Law
Faraday`s Law
3. Faraday`s Law
In this 45 mins Video Lesson
induced EMF on a moving Conductor , Faraday's Law, Lenz's Law - Direction of induced Current, Statically and Dynamically Induced EMF, Eddy Currents, Laminated Cores, Hysteresis Loss, and other topics.
4. Inductance
In this 38 mins Video Lesson
Mutual Inductance, Self Inductance, Growth of Current and Time Constant, Decay of Current and Time Constant, Energy Stored in an Inductor, and other topics.

Revision Notes

Inductance (0.98 Mb)
Capacitor (1.18 Mb)
Faradays Law (1.27 Mb)

Concept of e.m.f, potential difference, current, ohm’s law, resistance, resistivity, series and parallel connections, power dissipation in resistance, effect of temperature on resistance

Capacitors, with uniform and composite medium, energy stored in capacitor, R-C time constant.

Magnetic field, Faraday’s laws of Electromagnetic induction, Hysteresis and eddy current losses, energy stored in an inductor, time constant in R-L circuit.

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