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Graph Coloring

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In this 14 mins Lesson you will Learn about following concepts.
Graph Coloring

Graph Coloring, Algorithm, and related Topics.

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Graph - Basic Concepts and Handshaking Lemma

40 mins Video Lesson

Graph, Terminal Vertex, Loop, Isolated Vertex, Parallel Edges, Simple Graph, Adjacent Vertices, Incident Edge, Weighted Graph, Degree of a Vertex, Pendant Vertex, Handshaking Lemma, Examples, and other topics.

Digraph, Complete Graph, Regular Graph, Bipartite Graph

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Digraph, Indegree / Outdegree, Parallel Arcs, Simple / Multi Digraph, Adjacent Matrix, Example, Incidence Matrix, Null Graph, Complete Graph, Regular Graph, Bipartite Graph, Complete Bipartite Graph, and other topics.

Isomorphic Graphs and Subgraphs

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Isomorphic Graph, Examples, Subgraph, Spanning Subgraph, Null Subgraph, and other topics.

Paths, Connected Graphs and Cutset

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Complement of a Graph, Self Complementary Graph, Path in a Graph, Simple Path, Elementary Path, Circuit, Connected / Disconnected Graph, Cut Set, Strongly Connected Graph, and other topics.

Eulerian / Hamiltonian paths and Circuits, Travelling Salesman, Nearest Neighbor Problem

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Eulerian path, Eulerian Circuit, Theorems, 7 Bridges Problem, Hamiltonian Path, Hamiltonian Circuit, Theorems, Travelling Salesman Problem, Nearest Neighbor Algorithm, Example, and other topics.

Planar Graph

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Planar Graph, Theorems, Degree of a Region, Corollory of the Theorem, Example, Dual of a Graph, and other topics.

Graph Coloring

14 mins Video Lesson

Graph Coloring, Algorithm, and other topics.

Inverse, Groups, Abelian Group, Cyclic Group and Cosets

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Inverse of an Element, Group, Abelian Group, Order of a Group, Order of An element, Cyclic Group, Product Group, Properties of a Group, Sub-Group, Cosets, Properties of a Coset, and other topics.

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