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In this 12 mins Lesson you will Learn about following concepts.

CPLD, FPGA, and related Topics.

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PLDs - Basic Concepts, PLA and PAL

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PLD: Introduction, Read Only Memory(ROM), Expression using ROM, Crosspoints, Programmable Logic Arrays(PLA), Expression using PLAs, Programmable Array Logic(PAL), Expression using PAL, and other topics.


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CPLD, FPGA, and other topics.

Microprocessor Operation, Instruction Set and Architecture

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Sequential Design - Basic Concepts

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State Reduction, State Table, Equivalent States, Sequential Circuit Design (synchronous), Example , and other topics.

Sequential Design - Advanced Concepts

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Unused States and Lockout, Preventing lockouts, Example ensuring no lockouts, and other topics.

Sequential Design - Sequence Generators

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Sequence Generators, Example, and other topics.

Sequential Design - Sequence Detectors

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Sequence Detectors, Example, and other topics.

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