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Friction - Basic Concepts

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In this 54 mins Lesson you will Learn about following concepts.
Friction - Basic Concepts

Friction: Basic Concepts and Laws, Friction on Inclined Plane, Ex: Block on Inclined Plane, Ex: Block Tipping Over, and related Topics.

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Friction - Basic Concepts

54 mins Video Lesson

Friction: Basic Concepts and Laws, Friction on Inclined Plane, Ex: Block on Inclined Plane, Ex: Block Tipping Over, and other topics.

Friction - Typical Problems and Applications

70 mins Video Lesson

Ex: Beam balancing on two inclines, Friction Supporting a man climbing a Ladder, Wedge: Applied force Required and Self Locking, Belt Friction, Ex: Boat supported by a man on a Dock, and other topics.

Introduction to Engineering Mechanics

48 mins Video Lesson

Introduction to Engineering Mechanics, Concept of a Rigid Body, Basic Concepts, Describing a Force, Vector Representation of Force, Ex: Representing a Force in Vector form, Basic Principles, Newton's Law of Gravitation, Newton's First law of Motion, Newton's 2nd law of Motion, Newton's 3rd Law of Motion, Principle of Transmissibility, Parallelogram law of addition of forces, and other topics.

Concurrent Force System

66 mins Video Lesson

Concurrent and Parallel Force Systems, Addition of Forces, Triangle Law, Graphical Method, Using Trignometry, Alternative method using Trignometry, Variations of problems based on Resultant, Rectangular Components of a Force, Resultant using Rectangular components, Resultant of several forces, and other topics.


38 mins Video Lesson

Moment of a Force, Ex: Calculating Moment, Varignon's Theorem, Ex: Using Varignon's Theorem, and other topics.

Equlibrium - Basic Concepts

59 mins Video Lesson

Concept of Equlibrium, Eqilibrium of a 2-force System, Eqilibrium of 3-Force System, Free Body Diagram, Reactions due to Supports and Connections, Ex: Beam on a Hinge and Roller Support, General Steps for solution of Equilibrium related Problems, and other topics.


29 mins Video Lesson

Introduction to Beams, Types of Beams, Compound Beams, Ex: System of Beams on Inclined Plane, and other topics.

Typical Problems related to Equlibrium - Part 1

60 mins Video Lesson

Ex: Sphere about to Roll over a Block, Ex: Two Spheres in groove, Ex: Beam resting against a corner, and other topics.

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