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In this 36 mins Lesson you will Learn about following concepts.

Loading of Cables, Ex: Finding the Sag and Maximum Tension, and related Topics.

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90 mins Video Lesson

Introduction to Trusses, Types of Trusses, Method of Joints, Ex: using Method of Joints, Steps for Analysis by Method of Joints, Method of Sections, Ex: Using Method of Sections, Steps for Analysis by Method of Sections, Ex: Finding an unknown Axial Force in a member, and other topics.


52 mins Video Lesson

Multi Force members: Frames, Ex: Frame supporting Pulley, General Steps for analysis of Frames, Ex: Finding an unknown Force, and other topics.


36 mins Video Lesson

Loading of Cables, Ex: Finding the Sag and Maximum Tension, and other topics.

General Force System - Basic Concepts

70 mins Video Lesson

Concept of a Couple, Resolution of Force into Force-Couple System, Resultant of a general sytem of Forces, Ex: Resultant of Forces acting along the sides of Triangle, and other topics.

Parallel and Distributed Forces

54 mins Video Lesson

Ex: Parallel Force System in Space, Ex: Coplanar Parallel Force System, Uniformly Distributed Force, Ex: Distributed Forces (Trapezium), Ex: Distributed Force (Parabola), and other topics.

Friction - Basic Concepts

54 mins Video Lesson

Friction: Basic Concepts and Laws, Friction on Inclined Plane, Ex: Block on Inclined Plane, Ex: Block Tipping Over, and other topics.

Friction - Typical Problems and Applications

70 mins Video Lesson

Ex: Beam balancing on two inclines, Friction Supporting a man climbing a Ladder, Wedge: Applied force Required and Self Locking, Belt Friction, Ex: Boat supported by a man on a Dock, and other topics.

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