Check point based Recovery and Shadow Paging

In this 36 mins Video Lesson

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In this 55 mins Video Lesson :
Introduction, Lock Based Protocols, Starvation, Desdlocks, 2 Phase Locking Protocol, Strict 2PL, Rogorous 2PL, Lock Conversion Based Protocol, and other topics.

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Timestamp based Protocols, Timestamp Ordering protocol, Thomas' Write Rule, Optimistic/ Validation Based Protocols, Multiversion Scheme, and other topics.

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DeadLocks, Deadlock Prevention, Preemtion/ Rollback Scheme, Wait-Die Scheme, Wound-Wait Scheme, Deadlock Detection, Deadlock Recovery, Selection of Victim, Rollbacks, and other topics.

In this 45 mins Video Lesson :
Introduction, Types of Failures, Log Based Recovery, Deferred Database Modification, Immediate Database Modification, and other topics.

In this 36 mins Video Lesson :
Checkpoint Based Recovery, Shadow Paging, and other topics.

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