Differentiation Under Integral Sign

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In this 50 mins Video Lesson :
Introduction to DE, Ordinary DE, Partial DE, Order, Degree, Formation of DE, Variable Separable DE, Concept of Particular and General Solution, Solving by Substitution, and other topics.

In this 24 mins Video Lesson :
Homogeneous DE, Type dy/dx=(a1x+b1y+c1)/(a2x+b2y+c2), Type dy/dx=[K1(ax+by)+c1]/[K2(ax+by)+c2], and other topics.

In this 36 mins Video Lesson :
First Order Linear DE, Solution of First Order Linear DE, DE of type f'(y)dy/dx + P(x)f(y) = Q(x), Bernoulli's Equation, and other topics.

In this 65 mins Video Lesson :
Exact DE and Concept of Potential Function, Test for Exactness, Types of DEs Reducible to Exact form, and other topics.

In this 39 mins Video Lesson :
Steps for Solving a general First Order DE, DE of Type dU(x,y) = dV(x,y), and other topics.

In this 26 mins Video Lesson :
Error Function, Complimentary Error Function and Properties of Error Function, Applications of Error Function, and other topics.

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