Applied Physics - I

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1. Crystal Structure

Video Lessons - 6
Revision Notes - 1

Crystallography: Space lattice, Unit Cell, Lattice parameters, Bravais lattices and Crystal systems, Cubic crystal system and lattices; Density & Packing Fraction; Miller indices of crystallographic planes and directions; interplanar distance; Diamond structure, NaCl structure, HCP structure, BaTiO3 structure; Ligancy and Critical radius ratio

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Featured Lesson in Crystal Structure
Crystal Structure - Basic Concepts
23 mins Video Lesson

Crystalline vs Amorphous, Space Lattice, Unit Cell, Basis/Motif, Crystallographic Axes, Primitives, Lattice Parameters, Primitive Vs Non-Primitve Unit Cell, and other topics.

2. Determination of Crystal Structure and Crystal Defects

Video Lessons - 3
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Determination of crystal structure using X-ray diffraction techniques viz. Laue method, rotating crystal method (Bragg method) & powder method; Real crystals & pointdefects;

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Featured Lesson in Determination of Crystal Structure and Crystal Defects
Laue`s Method and Bragg`s Spectrometer
27 mins Video Lesson

Laue's Method, Bragg's Law, Numericals, Bragg's Spectrometer, and other topics.

3. Polarization & Liquid Crystals

Video Lessons - 2
Revision Notes - 1

Photonic crystals; Liquid crystal phases and application in LCD ( with brief introduction of optical polarization)

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Photonic Crystals and Polarization
23 mins Video Lesson

Photonic Crystals, Applications of Photonic Crystals, Polarization, Types of Polarization, Plane Polarized Light, Crossed Configuration of Polarizers, and other topics.

4. Band Theory of Solids

Video Lessons - 4
Revision Notes - 1

Energy bands of solids and classification of solids; Concepts of holes, effective mass; drift mobility and conductivity in conductors, intrinsic semiconductors and extrinsic semiconductors; Fermi-Dirac distribution function and Fermi energy level in a conductor, insulator, intrinsic & extrinsic semiconductor

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Featured Lesson in Band Theory of Solids
Free Electron Theory
22 mins Video Lesson

Free Electron Theory, Thermal Motion, Drift Motion, Drift Velocity, Conductivity, Mobility, Numericals, and other topics.

5. Semiconductors

Video Lessons - 5
Revision Notes - 1

Effect of impurity concentration and temperature on the Fermi Level; Hall Effect (applied
electric field along x-axis and applied magnetic field along z-axis) and its application.

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Featured Lesson in Semiconductors
Intrinsic Semiconductor
31 mins Video Lesson

Intrinsic Semiconductor, Conductivity, Electron Density, Hole Density, Law of Mass Action, Intrinsic Conductivity, and other topics.

6. PN Junction & Applications

Video Lessons - 3
Revision Notes - 1

Drift and Diffusion of charge carriers across the Energy band structure of P-N Junction leading to formation of depletion region and potential barrier; concept of carrier current densities in p-n junction in equilibrium, forward bias and reverse bias; Uses of p-n junction in Light emitting diode (LED), photoconductors and photovoltaic solar cells.

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Featured Lesson in PN Junction & Applications
PN Junction - Basic Concepts
45 mins Video Lesson

Diffusion and Drift Current, PN Junction, Equilibrium or Zero Bias Condition, Band Diagram in Equilibrium, Potential Barrier Voltage, and other topics.

7. Dielectrics

Video Lessons - 3
Revision Notes - 1

Dielectric material, dielectric constant, polarization, polarizability & its types; relative permittivity; Piezoelectrics, Ferroelectrics, Applications of dielectric materials - Requirement of good insulating material, some important insulating material.

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Featured Lesson in Dielectrics
Dielectrics - Basic Concepts
40 mins Video Lesson

Basic Concepts, Dielectric Constant and Permittivity, Dipole Moment, Induced Dipole, Polarization Density, Dielectric Susceptibility, Types of Polarization, Electronic Polarization, Ionic Polarization, Orientational Polarization, Space charge Polarization, Interfacial Polarization, and other topics.

8. Magnetic Materials

Video Lessons - 4
Revision Notes - 1

Origin of magnetization using Atomic Theory; classification of magnetic materials based on Susceptibility value; Qualitative treatment of Langevin’s and Weiss equation for Dia, Para and Ferro magnetic materials (no derivation); Microstructure of ferromagnetic solids- Domains and Hysteresis loss;

Soft & hard magnetic materials and their uses; Magnetic circuits and microscopic Ohm’s Law.

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Featured Lesson in Magnetic Materials
Magnetic Materials - Basic Concepts
37 mins Video Lesson

Basic Concepts, Magnetic Dipole Moment and Bohr Magneton, Orbital and Spin Magnetic Moment, Magnetization, Magnetic Susceptibility, Flux Density, Relative Permeability, Classification based on Relative Permeability, Diamagnetic Materials, Paramagnetic Materials, and other topics.

9. Acoustics

Video Lessons - 4
Revision Notes - 1

Introduction to architectural acoustics; reverberation and Sabine’s formula; Common Acoustic defects and Acoustic Design of a hall.

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Featured Lesson in Acoustics
Acoustics - Basic Concepts
39 mins Video Lesson

Basic Concepts, Velocity of Sound, Wavelength of Sound, Classification of Sound, Tones and Harmonics, Pitch, Timbre, Loudness, Intensity, Threshold of Hearing, Weber-Fechner's Law, Intensity Level and Decibel, and other topics.

10. Ultrasonics

Video Lessons - 2
Revision Notes - 1

Ultrasonic Waves and their applications; Methods of production of ultrasonic waves (Piezoelectric Oscillator & Magnetostriction Oscillator)

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Featured Lesson in Ultrasonics
Ultrasonics - Basic Concepts
30 mins Video Lesson

Basic Concepts, Magnetostriction Oscillator, Piezoelectric Oscillator, Properties of Ultrasonic Waves, Detection of Ultrasonic Waves, Kundt's Tube Method, Piezoelectric Detector, Thermal Detection, and other topics.

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