Advanced Database Management System

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1. Data Warehousing And Mining

Video Lessons - 2
Revision Notes - 1

Introduction to Datawarehousing. Multidimensional Model/ Data Modelling, Hierarchy of Data, Multidimensional Schema , Star Schema, Snowflake Schema, Fact Constellation. Introduction to  Data Mining Data Mining, Classification, Clustering, Association Rules, Sequential Pattern Discovery, Regression and Deviation.

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Featured Lesson in Data Warehousing And Mining
Data Warehousing
42 mins Video Lesson

Introduction, Datewarehousing: Properties, Datawarehousing: Applications, Multidimensional Model/ Data Modelling in DW, Hierarchy of Data, Operations in Multidimensional Model, Multidimensional Schema , Star Schema, Snowflake Schema, Fact Constellation, and other topics.

2. Query Processing and Optimization

Video Lessons - 7
Revision Notes - 2

Overview, Measures of query cost, Selection and join operations, Evaluation of Expressions, Introduction to Query Optimization, Estimation,Transformation of Relational Expressions

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Featured Lesson in Query Processing and Optimization
Query Processing - Basic Concepts, Query Cost and Selection Algorithms
56 mins Video Lesson

Introduction, Query Processing Process, Measures of Query Cost, Disk Access Costs, Selection: Algorithms, Complex Selections: Algorithms, and other topics.

3. Distributed and Parallel Database

Video Lessons - 4
Revision Notes - 2

Introduction to parallel databases, Parallel : Query Evaluation, Parallelizing, individual operations; sorting, joins, etc.

Distributed databases, concepts, data fragmentation, Replication and allocation techniques for distributed database design. Query Processing in distributed databases, concurrency control and recovery in distributed databases

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Featured Lesson in Distributed and Parallel Database
Distributed Database - Basic Concepts, Fragmentation and Allocation
54 mins Video Lesson

Distributed Computing System, Distributed DB, Distributed Database, Advantages of DDBMS, Special Functions of DDBMS, Fragmentation, Horizontal, Vertical, Mixed/ Hybrid Fragmentation, Fragmentation Schema, Allocation, Allocation Schema, and other topics.

4. Relational Database Design & Normalization

Video Lessons - 6
Revision Notes - 2

Purpose of Normalization, Data Redundancy and Update Anomalies, Functional Dependencies: Basic concepts, closure of set of functional dependencies, closure of attribute set, canonical cover, Decomposition: lossless join decomposition and dependency preservation, The Process of Normalization: 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, BCNF, 4NF, 5NF

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Featured Lesson in Relational Database Design & Normalization
Relational Design - Purpose of Normalization
43 mins Video Lesson

Introduction, Normalization, Purpose of Normalization, Updation Anomalies, Deletion Aomalies, NULL values, Lossy Decompostion, and other topics.

5. Object Oriented and Object Relational Database

Video Lessons - 5
Revision Notes - 3

Need of OODBMS, Storing Objects in Relational Database, Introduction to OO Data Models, Persistent Programming Languages, Pointer Swizzling Techniques

Object Relational DBs, SQL 3/ SQL 1999, Nested Relational Model

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Featured Lesson in Object Oriented and Object Relational Database
Object Oriented - Basic Concepts, OIDs and Complex Objects
46 mins Video Lesson

Object Oriented DBs, Features, OIDs, Complex Objects, Type Constructors, Unstructured Complex Objects, Structured Complex Objects, and other topics.

6. Xml

Video Lessons - 2
Revision Notes - 1

Structured unstructured and semi structured data. XML hierarchical Data Model, XML Document, DTD and XML Schema

XML Documents & databases, XML Query

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Featured Lesson in Xml
XML - Basic Concepts and DTD
38 mins Video Lesson

Introduction, Unstructured/ Semi Structured/ Structured Data, XML hierarchical Model, Types of XML Docs, Well Formed Vs Valid, DTD, and other topics.

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