Digital Electronics and Logic Design

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1. Number System

Video Lessons - 5
Revision Notes - 1

Introduction: Binary, Hexadecimal numbers, octal numbers and number conversion.

Signed Binary number representation: Signed Magnitude, 1’s complement and 2’s complement representation.

Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal Arithmetic: 2’s complement arithmetic.

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Featured Lesson in Number System
Number System - Basic Concepts and Introduction to Binary Numbers
45 mins Video Lesson

Number System: Introduction, Binary Number System, Decimal To Binary, One's Complement, Two's Complement, and other topics.

2. Boolean Algebra

Video Lessons - 6
Revision Notes - 2

Algebra for logic circuits: Logic variables, Logic functions -NOT, AND, NOR, XOR, OR, XNOR, NAND

Boolean algebra: Truth tables and Boolean algebra. Idealized logic gates and symbols. DeMorgan's rules Axiomatic definition of Boolean algebra, Basic theorems and properties of Boolean algebra

Logic minimization: Representation of truth-table, SOP form, POS form, Simplification of logical functions, Minimization of SOP and POS forms, Don’t care conditions

Reduction techniques: K-Maps up to 4 variables and Quine-McClusky technique

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Featured Lesson in Boolean Algebra
Boolean Algebra - Basic Concepts, Theorems and Duality
49 mins Video Lesson

Boolean Algebra, Realization of Boolean expression with gates, Example, Dual of an expression, Duality Principle, Boolean Algebra Theorems, Proofs, and other topics.

3. Logic Families

Video Lessons - 2
Revision Notes - 1

TTL: Standard TTL characteristics- Speed, power dissipation, fan-in, fan-out, current and voltage parameters, noise margin, operating temperature etc. Operation of TTL NAND gate. TTL Configurations- Active pull-up, Wired AND, totem pole, open collector.

CMOS: CMOS Inverter, CMOS characteristics

Interfacing: TTL to CMOS and CMOS to TTL

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Featured Lesson in Logic Families
Characteristics of ICs and Introduction to TTL Family
48 mins Video Lesson

Characteristics of ICs, Propogation Delay, Power Dissipation, Figure of Merit, Fan In, Fan Out, Current and Voltage Parameters, Noise Margin, Operating Temprature, TTL Family, TTL Nand: Totem Pole, and other topics.

4. Combinational Logic

Video Lessons - 6
Revision Notes - 1

Arithmetic Operations: - Binary Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, BCD Addition

Circuits: - Half- Adder, Full Adder, Half Subtract or, Full Sub tractor, BCD adder using and subtract using 7483, look ahead and carry, parity generator and checker using 74180, magnitude comparator using 7485.

Multiplexers (MUX):- Working of MUX, Implementation of expression using MUX (IC 74153, 74151).

Demultiplexers (DEMUX):- Implementation of expression using DEMUX, Decoder. (IC 74138).

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Featured Lesson in Combinational Logic
Ripple Adder, Fast Adder, Subtractor and IC 7483
50 mins Video Lesson

Parallel/ Ripple Adder, Look Ahead Carry / Fast Adder, IC 7483, BCD Adder using IC 7483, Subtractor using IC 7483, Adder/ Subtractor using IC 7483, and other topics.

5. Sequential Logic : Flip Flops

Video Lessons - 3
Revision Notes - 1

Introduction: Sequential Circuits. Difference between combinational circuits and sequential circuits

Flip- flop: SR, JK, D, T; Preset & Clear, Master and Slave Flip Flops their truth tables and excitation tables, Conversion from one type to another type of Flip Flop.

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Featured Lesson in Sequential Logic : Flip Flops
Sequential Logic - Basic Concepts and SR Flip Flop
52 mins Video Lesson

Sequential Circuits, Moore Ciruits, Mealy circuits, Bitstable element, SR Flip Flop, Characteristic Table, Excitation Table, Characterisitc Equation, State Diagram, SR with Preset and Clear, and other topics.

6. Sequential Logic : Registers And Counters

Video Lessons - 4
Revision Notes - 1

Application of Flip-flops:  registers, counters.

Registers: Buffer register; shift register

Counters: Asynchronous counter. Synchronous counter, ring counters, BCD Counter, Johnson Counter

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Featured Lesson in Sequential Logic : Registers And Counters
Registers - Part 2
31 mins Video Lesson

Shift Left Register, Serial In Parallel Out Register, Parallel In Serial Out Register, Bidirectional Shift Register, and other topics.

7. Sequential Logic Design

Video Lessons - 4
Revision Notes - 1

Sequential Circuit Design Concepts, Sequence Generator and Sequence Detector.

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Featured Lesson in Sequential Logic Design
Sequential Design - Basic Concepts
57 mins Video Lesson

State Reduction, State Table, Equivalent States, Sequential Circuit Design (synchronous), Example , and other topics.

8. ASM

Video Lessons - 3
Revision Notes - 1

Algorithmic State Machines: ASM charts, notations, design of simple controller, multiplexer controller method

Examples: Sequence Generator, Types of Counter

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Featured Lesson in ASM
ASM Charts - Basic Concepts
50 mins Video Lesson

Introduction, State Box, Decision Box, Condition Box, State Diagram to ASM chart, Example , ASM to logic Circuit, and other topics.


Video Lessons - 3
Revision Notes - 1

VHDL: Introduction to HDL, VHDL- Library, Entity, Architecture, Modeling Styles, Concurrent and Sequential Statements, Data Objects & Data Types, Attributes.

Design Examples: VHDL for Combinational Circuits-Adder, MUX.VHDL for Sequential Circuits-Synchronous and Asynchronous Counter

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Featured Lesson in VHDL
VHDL - Basic Concepts and Concurrent Statements
45 mins Video Lesson

VHDL: Introduction, Entity Declaration, Examples, VHDL Architecture Types, Data Flow/ Concurrent Modelling, Concurrent Statements, and other topics.

10. PLDs and Microprocessor

Video Lessons - 4
Revision Notes - 2

PLD: PLA- Input, Output Buffers, AND, OR, Invert/ Non-Invert Matrix.

Design Example: Any 4 Variables SOP function using PLDs, Study of basic architecture of FPGA

Introduction to Microprocessor: Introduction of Ideal Microprocessor, Data Bus, Address Bus, Control Bus, Microprocessor Based System- Basic Operation, Microprocessor Operation, Microprocessor Architecture, Instruction Set

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Featured Lesson in PLDs and Microprocessor
Microprocessor - Basic Concepts, Bus and Block Diagram
43 mins Video Lesson

Microprocessor: Introduction, Ideal Microprocessor, Bus, Bus Width, Data Bus, Address Bus, Control Bus, MP: Block Diagram, and other topics.

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