Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering

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1. Basic Electrical Prerequisites

Video Lessons - 4
Revision Notes - 4

Concept of e.m.f, potential difference, current, ohm’s law, resistance, resistivity, series and parallel connections, power dissipation in resistance, effect of temperature on resistance

Capacitors, with uniform and composite medium, energy stored in capacitor, R-C time constant.

Magnetic field, Faraday’s laws of Electromagnetic induction, Hysteresis and eddy current losses, energy stored in an inductor, time constant in R-L circuit.

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Featured Lesson in Basic Electrical Prerequisites
Electrical Circuits Prerequisites
61 mins Video Lesson

Electromotive Force (EMF), Active and Passive Elements, Concept of Potential, Potential Difference, Ohm's Law, Resistance, Effect of Temprature on Resistance, Temprature Coefficient of Resistance, Power Dissipated in a Resistor, Series connection of Resistors, Parallel Connection of Resistors, Short Circuits and Open Circuits, and other topics.

2. DC Circuits

Video Lessons - 8
Revision Notes - 1

Kirchhoff ’s laws, Ideal and practical voltage and current source, Mesh and Nodal analysis (super node and super mesh excluded), Source transformation, Star-delta transformation ,Superposition theorem, Thevenin’s theorem, Norton’s theorem, Maximum power transfer theorem, (Source transformation not allowed for Superposition theorem, Mesh and Nodal analysis)

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Featured Lesson in DC Circuits
Kirchhoff ’s laws and Ideal & Practical Voltage and Current Source
36 mins Video Lesson

Kirchhoff's Current Law, Kirchhoff's Voltage Law, Ideal Voltage Source, Ideal Current Source, Practical Voltage Source, Practical Current Source, Current Divider Rule, Voltage Divider Rule, and other topics.

3. A.C Circuits Fundamentals

Video Lessons - 5
Revision Notes - 1

Generation of alternating voltage and currents, RMS and Average value, form factor, crest factor, AC through resistance, inductance and capacitance.

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AC Fundamentals
44 mins Video Lesson

Generation of AC, Different ways of expressing AC equation, AC Current, Average Value, RMS Value, Form Factor, Crest/Peak Factor, and other topics.

4. AC Series and Parallel Circuits

Video Lessons - 8
Revision Notes - 3

AC through R-L , R-C and R-L-C series and parallel circuits, phasor diagrams , power and power factor, series and parallel resonance, Q-factor and bandwidth

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Featured Lesson in AC Series and Parallel Circuits
RL and RC Series AC Circuits
32 mins Video Lesson

RL Series Circuit Analysis, Voltage across elements in RL Circuit, RC Series Circuit Analysis, Voltage across elements in RC Circuit, and other topics.

5. Three phase circuits

Video Lessons - 6
Revision Notes - 1

Three phase voltage and current generation, star and delta connections (balanced load only), relationship between phase and line currents and voltages, Phasor diagrams, Basic principle of wattmeter, measurement of power by two wattmeter method.

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Featured Lesson in Three phase circuits
3 Phase Circuits - Basic Concepts
28 mins Video Lesson

Generation of 3 Phase Power, Phase Sequence, Sum of Generated Voltages in 3 Phase System , Need for 3 Phase Power, and other topics.

6. Single Phase Transformer

Video Lessons - 8
Revision Notes - 1

Construction, working principle, Emf equation, ideal and practical transformer, transformer on no load and on load, phasor diagrams, equivalent circuit, O.C. and S.C test, Efficiency.

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Featured Lesson in Single Phase Transformer
An Ideal Transformer - 1
27 mins Video Lesson

What is a Transformer, Why do we need Transformers, Understanding an Ideal Transformer, Voltage Ratio in Ideal Transformer, Step Up and Step Down Transformer, Auto Transformer, EMF Equation, and other topics.

7. Electronics

Video Lessons - 7
Revision Notes - 2

Semiconductor diode, Diode rectifier with R load: Half wave, full wave–center tapped and bridge configuration,RMS value and average value of output voltage, ripple factor, rectification efficiency, introduction to C and L filter (no derivation). CE, CB, CC transistor configuration, CE input-output characteristics.

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Featured Lesson in Electronics
16 mins Video Lesson

Understanding Diodes for use in Rectifiers, Diodes - Basic Concpets, Diode - Biasing, Ideal Diode in Forward Bias, Ideal Diode in Reverse Bias, Practical Diode in Forward Bias, Practical Diode in Reverse Bias, Diode as Switch, DC Power Supply, and other topics.

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