I Don't have enough money, Can you give me a Subscription for FREE ?

Okay, so here is the Answer. We can help you get a subscription without spending any money but for that you would have to complete few simple tasks online. Each task would help you earn Bitcoins or PayPal Balance using which you can get any Subscription on our site.

What kind of tasks do I need to perform ?

You are expected to complete simple tasks like, watching Videos, Clicking on Ads, Signing up on different Websites, Listening to Internet Radio, Installing apps on your mobile, etc. you will be paid for performing these tasks by the sites mentioned below. The payment is generally in the form credit to your PayPal account or with Bitcoins.

To earn your subcription you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Register on the sites mentioned in this article, and complete Tasks to earn money in your PayPal account or Bitcoin Address. (To learn more about Bitcoins or How to create PayPal account browse to the bottom of this Page.)
  2. Buy a Subscription on our site using your PayPal balance or with Bitcoins. No Credit Card/Debit Card/Bank Account is Required.

Step 1 : Register on these sites and complete Tasks.

Gift Hunter Club

This site has the largest collection of offers through which you can earn money online. It has daily surveys which you can complete on daily basis and range of other tasks like installing an app on your android phone which can done only once. You can also earn money watching Videos on this Site. It pays you in points and once you complete 240 points you can get $5 into your PayPal account. You can also ask your friends to join this site and they become your referrals and you get 10 percent of what they earn. If your friends' friends also join the site you get 5 percent on their earnings as well.

Zoom Bucks

This is another similar site having large number of offers and even daily contests to get you some extra cash. For each completed task you are awarded zoombucks which can be redeemed for PayPal. Currently, you need 575 zoombucks to get $5 into your PayPal account. To get you started, site pays you 30 zoombucks just for registration. Another way to earn on this site is search and win Just use the Zoom Bucks search engine instead of google and you can win upto 12 zoombucks. And, finally you even have 10 percent referral earnings from your friends who joined on your reference.

Get Paid

This site also has a large variety offers including a task that allows you to earn money by transcribing business cards, An image of a business card is shown to you and you have type the name, designation and address of the business/person by looking at the image and you get paid for it. This site pays in coins, where you need to collect 2500 coins in order to get $5 in your PayPal account. You can also win in contests where top 10 highest earners are awarded prizes every month. And, if you happen to be the highest earner you get 25000 coins which is worth $50. Another feature that's unique to this site is it's variable referral commission, more refferrals you have higher would be your percentage commission, with a maximum limit of 30 percent on Level 1 (your friends) referrals and 20 percent on your Level 2(your friends' friends) referrals.


This site is quite different from others, here you will find only 2 types of task, paid to click advertisements and Sign-up or Registrations based tasks. This sites pays upto $0.50 per Sign-up based task which compensates for lack of variety on this site. Just like others you also get 10 percent of what your referral earns.

Clix Sense

This one has the usual offers and tasks along with along with adverts that you can click on to earn money. You also get a bonus if you complete maximum number of tasks in a given week or month. Apart from that if luck is on your side, you can play a game where you can click on a pixel of an image and if that happens to be the lucky pixel you win instant cash. This site has a low referral commission of 5 percent, however, once your referral raches $10 you get an extra $0.50 for yourself.

Cash Crate

This is a site that pays in real cash that is sent you in the form of a check at your address. You have your usual offers, as available on other sites, and contests that enable you to win gift cards and elctronic gadgets as well. To get the ball rolling you are awarded $1 just for signing up on the site, you then have to earn another $19 before you can be issued a check. Also, unlike other sites this has high referral commissions where you get 20 percent on your Level 1 referrals and 10 percent on your Level 2 referrals. Apart from this you also get a bonus of $3 when your referral earn $10 for the first time. So if you have large number of friends who can be your referrals, this is the site you should bank on.

Or, Register on these sites to earn Bitcoins

A Bit Back

This site pays in points or cash which you can convert either to PayPal or a BTC-e code through which you can get Bitcoins. if you are amongst the top 5 earners in a month you also get a reward of $1. Also, there is a similar contest for most number of referrals in a month. You get paid a standard 10 percent commission on your refferrals.

Coin Tasker

This site pays in Bitcoins, just remember that 1 Bitcoin is a substantial sum, therefore we generally talk in mBTC or µBTC

  • 1 BTC = 1000 mBTC
  • 1 BTC = 1000000 µBTC
You get 50 µBTC just for signing up on this site and 10 µBTC every time you login. This site has usual offers as found on other such sites and pays 10 percent referral commisssion, also there are prizes if you send maximum number of your friends as referrals to this site.

Bit Coin Get

This site has less number of tasks and offers available but it pays relatively more than other Bitcoin sites. You just need to earn 60 µBTC and thereafter your bitcoins are automatically transferred to your Bitcoin Address. It pays you around 5-10 percent of your referral's earnings depending upon the type of task they perform.

Coin Ad and BTC Clicks

Both these sites only have paid to click advertisements to third party sites. You get paid depending upon type of website and how long you stay on the page. This site, just like every one else, also has a referral program and you get between 10 to 20 percent of your referral's earnings.


This is a site where you can play games like Rock Paper Scissors , Bitnopoly and Backgammon with you friends. At registration you are given 100 µBTC. Each game requires a contribution of few µBTCs from each player. Whoever wins the game gets to have all the bitcoins contributed by all the players playing the game. You can join games started by others or start a new game and invite your friends to play with you.


This is a Litecoin(LTC) based site. Litecoin is the most popular digital currency after Bitcoins. You can convert your Litecoins into Bitcoins on BTC-e . On this site you can win few litecoins every hour by simply clicking on a button. The number of litecoins you win depends on number of referrals you have, so if you have large number of friends you can win huge amount of Litecoins(effectively, Bitcoins by conversion) from this site.

Daily Bitcoins

This is simple site where you just need to enter your Bitcoin address and in return you get upto 1 mBTC. You can visit this site once every hour to claim your Bitcoins. Just keep in mind that you get random number of Bitcoins each time you visit this site and at times payout could be very low.

Land of Bitcoins

This site helps you visit all the Faucet sites in single go. A faucet site pays out some bitcoins every time you visit them. There is no registration required and you just need your Bitcoin address to receive your Bitcoins.

That's good but what is PayPal and how to create an account ?

PayPal is multinational company that allows you to send and receive payments over the internet. You can create an account on PayPal by visiting their site and it's absolutely free. However, you may need to verify your account by providing your bank details. PayPal would make small deposits into your account and you would be asked to tell the Amount of these deposits, Since it's your bank account only you know what amount was deposited and once you tell it to PayPal your account would be verified and you are ready to send and receive Payments.

And, what about Bitcoins ?

Bitcoin is digital currency that was introduced in 2009 and is now gaining acceptance worldwide. Since it's a digital currency your bitcoins are stored online and has no physical presence. Bitcoins are transferred from one Bitcoin address to another. To be able to send or receive Bitcoins you would a need a Bitcoin address for which you have to create a digital wallet.

Given below are the steps to create a Bitcoin Address.

Now with the help of this Address you can receive Bitcoins from the sites mentioned later in this article and even make a payment to us to get a new Subscription for yourself. Just keep in mind that Bitcoins are relatively new concept therefore you'll find more websites that pay you into your PayPal account as compared to websites paying you in Bitcoins.

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